Into the Blind is an intervention into the behavior of a GPS software, conducted in order to explore the possibilities and consequences of opening a contemporary black box.
It is an experimental navigational prototype, challenging the habituated, deterministic position of the user. Alternative navigational scenarios are developed and offered to inquire into the nature and possibilities of producing technological narratives and practices.Stemming from an urge for a physical and figurative opening of the black box of closed systems, these navigational offers are created to investigate the space between human perception and technological structures, in order to render visible the decisions existing behind every neutral technology.
In a classical hacker tradition, on the example of one of the most hermetic systems (the GPS system, created primarily for military purposes), the intervention builds on the strategy of the situationist detournament with speculative technology. As a laboratory of technological consumption, Into the Blind celebrates the mantra of practicing performative code and calls for a freedom of software intervention, through the in-between language of human and machine, or as Katherine Hayles would say: “We become the codes we punch”...